Medical Billing and Coding Job Description

Medical Billing and Coding Job Description

Getting a handle on the real medical billing and coding job description before you decide if you want to get in to the field is not that easy. At we specialize in getting the basic information necessary for success in the medical coding field in way that is fast, easy and free. Let us not waste any more time.

Where to get an Official Medical Billing and Coding Job Description?

The official medical billing and coding job description is laid out by the (AAPC) American Academy of Professional Coders, medical billers work in most situations with insurance companies and patients on claims submissions. Medical billers will often have more customer-service oriented tasks than medical coders have in their job scope.

The Medical coder works directly with the healthcare professionals so individual procedures can be accurately categorized and itemized. Below we detail the differing career tasks and work scopes of both billers and coders.

Standard Medical Billing and Coding Job Description

Medical Billing Medical Coding
Use proprietary billing software for data entry Communicate with nurses, doctors, physicians and any other healthcare professionals to categorize patient services
Insurance Claim Submittal Apply CPT, HCPCS, and ICD-10 CM codes to reflect services provided
Follow-up with all parties involved in insurance claims Use Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
Manage account invoices and payments Examine operative codes for surgical procedures
Investigate any denied insurance claims Perform routine medical chart audits upon any claim denial
Make sure that all parties involved in claims receive their individual reimbursements Staying up-to-date with all the latest federal regulation revisions and coding standards changes
Verify accuracy of the standard healthcare codes that are used by medical coders Examine patient charts and histories to make sure that the coding reflects patient history

What are Some Other Duties in the Medical Billing and Coding Job Description?

Medical Billing and Coding Job DescriptionThere are cases where collection services are done in smaller offices where there are not a lot of employees. Where you work determines the rest. If the office is small then you will have a more well balanced scope of work.

It will not be in all cases but it is extremely common. With that being said, the core of your job is the core of your job. If you are a medical coder you will probably be doing almost all medical coding. Medical billers get in to the phone calls and other office type tasks.

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